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Wholesalers of tools and hardware since the 1950's and had been dealing in tools and cutlery for over 50 years before that.

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We prefer an email so that everything regarding orders and queries can be searched for quickly, we can be emailed at info@toolmanonline.co.uk.
You can call on 0114 2330128
Orders can also be faxed to 0114 2330141
Please note that cold callers (SEO companies, directory website companies etc.) will not be accomodated and can use the above email address if they wish to contact us.
We are also aware of the 'books for schools' scam.

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January 2012 - Unloaded our latest delivery of sledges just as a brief spell of sleet falls

January 2012 - Take delivery of our Steerable Sledge

November 2011 - We will unveil our new never been seen before sledge

January 2011 - 10,000 sledges sold in 6 working weeks

December 2010 - Changes website content to sell winter items

October 2009 - TOOLMANONLINE launches its new website

July 2008 - TOOLMAN register the name as a trademark